A Letter To Mr Scott – digital edition

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A Letter To Mr Scott – digital edition

240 pages

digital edition – downloadable in ePub version for iPad and iPhone (18 Mb)

ISBN 978-90-817825-1-7

Mike Scott (1958) is the founding member, lead singer and the lead songwriter of rock band The Waterboys. He has also produced two solo albums, Bring ‘em All In and Still Burning. Scott is a vocalist, guitarist and pianist, and has played a large range of other instruments including the bouzouki, drums, and Hammond organ on his albums. Scott is also a published writer, having released his autobiography, Adventures of a Waterboy, in 2012. Having begun a musical career in the 1970s that has continued to this day, Scott has been making “extraordinary music” since the 1980s and is well known for his radical changes in music genres throughout what he refers to as his “allegedly unorthodox” career. Scott currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Erwin Rademaker (1966) cannot read a single musical note, he cannot play any musical instrument, he is a stranger to pace and rhythm, and he cannot sing in tune either. However, music plays a very important role in his life, especially the music of The Waterboys. He asked himself a simple question: why? To answer this question, Rademaker went to Newgrange, Ireland, to listen to the complete works of The Waterboys in solitary seclusion. His findings are presented in this book, which is an open letter to Mike Scott. Rademaker works as a programme manager at the Port of Rotterdam Authority and spends his spare time travelling, writing books and photographing. He currently lives in Breda, the Netherlands.


A Letter To Mr Scott is written by Erwin Rademaker from October 2014 until April 2015 on three continents, in nine countries, and in the following twenty-two cities as well as on the many journeys between them: Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium), Beijing (China), Belfast (United Kingdom), Breda (the Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Chicago (United States), Dublin (Ireland), Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Frankfurt (Germany), Glasgow (United King- dom), Hong Kong (China), London (United Kingdom), Los Angeles (United States), Madrid (Spain), Mannheim (Germany), New York (United States), Newgrange, Co. Meath (Ireland), Redlands (United States), Rheims (France), Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and San Francisco (United States).

A Letter To Mr Scott is edited by Stefan Dorren from May until November 2015, is designed by Marco van Lith in November 2015 and is by Holland Ridderkerk in December 2015.

Lyrics by Mike Scott (and others)

Photos by Erwin Rademaker (and others)

Cover handwriting by Loes Verheijen

Cover design by Marco van Lith

Artwork by Véronique Castellanos & Sven Roumen


All rights reserved © 2015 RDMKR

2 reviews for A Letter To Mr Scott – digital edition

  1. jamesnolan

    A Letter To Mr Scott is a Waterboys related book that is not a biography in itself. It is a deeply personal view of what The Waterboys songs mean to the author and that is what makes it a truly original opus. The author has managed to put his heart and soul into it as it has been written to express his intense love of the Waterboys music. The book takes the form of an open letter to Mike Scott, though it deals solely with the music, and it begins with a whole list of songs that have had a profound meaning to the author, and long-time Waterboys fan, Mr Rademaker.

    In order to prepare himself to write what turns out to be a captivating and quite magical book, Erwin secreted himself away in Newgrange, County Meath, and over a number of days in seclusion, he listened to every single Waterboys song and jotted down notes and drawings. The opening section of the book makes for enchanting reading as with each song we are taken on a journey through the author’s life, his memories and the imagery and emotions that each song evokes for him.

    Interspersed throughout the book is a fable written by the author with beautiful artwork especially created for the book by the artist Veronique Castellanos. There are also a number of other breath-taking artworks by the artist Sven Roumen that are printed on colour plates within.

    The middle section of this meticulously crafted book is made up of pieces of prose written by a number of Waterfolk who were asked by the author to answer in writing the simple question ‘What Does Music Mean To You?’ (And this web author also made a small contribution and was very honoured to do so). These pieces of writing are of varying length and are also wonderfully unique in their style and give great insight into each contributor’s individual perspective on what having music in their day-to-day lives means to them.

    It is a testament to the author’s generosity that he wished to include input from other fans into what can only be described as a labour of love.

    There then follows an extensive photo section containing colour and mono images of song lyrics with the author’s handwritten notes and drawings alongside. There are also several photos of the Waterboys on stage and many other photos of various scenes that are described in the first part of the book, as well as family shots and more that relate to specific Waterboys songs in the author’s perception.

    Lastly, there is a full discography and complete song listing, up to and including the latest Waterboys LP Modern Blues. Also included is a full band members list to date in alphabetical order, which incredibly (if I have counted correctly) adds up to 79 past and present members!

    In closing, this is an exquisitely produced opus that is a spellbinding read and a thing of profound beauty.

  2. Enrico Parco

    A Letter To Mr Scott is a fantastic journey through the author’s beautiful soul and the music and lyrics of Mike Scott. Erwin’s book is adorned with outstanding drawings made by Veronique Castellanos and beautiful artwork by Sven Roumen. A part of the book is made of a brilliant mythological poem written by the author and of unique responses to “What does music mean to you?” question by over thirty contributors. My first words after reading it were: “beautiful, unique, touching, uplifting, masterpiece; Erwin’s feelings and his beautiful soul show up as pure as an angel. Mr Rademaker is a very talented writer.

    Il libro A Letter to Mr Scott merita di essere letto da ogni fan dei Waterboys, è un magnifico viaggio dell’anima dell’autore attraverso la musica e i testi di Mike Scott, libro impreziosito dai favolosi disegni di Veronique Castellanos e da un poema mitologico composto dall’autore. Inoltre ci sono più di 30 risposte alla domanda “Che significato ha la musica per te?” fornite da persone differenti provenienti da tutto il mondo. Il sig. Rademaker è davvero uno scrittore di molto talento.

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