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Tonight on the Tom Dunne Show

Coming up on the show tonight, as always on a Wednesday, Tom will be joined in studio by the one and only John Moynes to induct yet another comedic great into the hall of fame.

This week though, we’ve decided to go for something a bit different. What is it that connects Monty Python, the Mighty Boosh, The Goon Show and Stanley Unwin? They are of course institutions of surrealist British humor, and believe it or not, they all draw their influence from 19th century writer – Lewis Carroll.

Carroll is best known for penning the children’s classic that is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, in which he is one of the first writers to use illogic, absurdity and portmanteaus for humorous effect.

In the second hour, Tom will be speaking to author Erwin Rademaker, author of ‘A Letter to Mr. Scott’.

The book is an open letter to Mike Scott and the Waterboys, all about the profound effect that their music has had on it’s Dutch author. Even more interestingly, it was mostly written when he locked himself away in Newgrange, listening to the entire Waterboys discography from start to finish, and making notes along the way.

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