What does music mean to you?


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Open letter to my friend Erwin Rademaker. You got too close to heaven my friend, that’s all it is. It was with great pleasure that I read your beautiful book and understood the amplitude of the Waterboys music in your life. As in mine and pretty sure in many more that we know. Yes, we both know it, we shared hopes and dreams and confidences and I do want to turn this public because there’s nothing to hide when you feel this high in Love & Light. I have felt these same feelings too, very deep inside of me. You got too close to heaven, you touched that rare space between both worlds, you are a listener, a walker, you know about G’ds and all the unicorns and fairy lands, you know about hearts and souls and where to the waters run. You are a torch of light, Erwin. Keep walking into the Light.
Maria Viana

Next Big Light in Waterboys’ world. More Light to every heart please.
Thank you for your adventure. Maybe yours story will be mine.

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